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Whether your vehicle is 2 months or 20 years old, it can show signs of wear and tear, no matter how you use it. Maybe you just drive it to and from work or you use it for work… the fact is, it doesn’t stay looking like the day you drove it off the lot forever. 

Over time, the appearance of your paint and headlights will become dull from the effects of the environment, car washing and just normal daily use. This can include everything from sun damage to scratches to stone chips. 

At ProSmart we can restore the look of your paint with a selection of services as simple as hand-applying wax or sealant to much more involved actions such as extensive multi-stage paint correction by polishing. The appearance of those annoying stone chips can also be improved with our cost effective process which is much more affordable than repainting the entire panel.

Restoration Services


At ProSmart, we can repair those annoying stone chips caused by winter driving or other conditions that cause items to come into contact with your paint such as minor door dings. With our low-cost, fast approach to paint chip repair, you will not have to leave your car at the bodyshop for days and pay hundreds or even thousands to have whole panels repainted. Our process is a quick 2 step approach that leaves the paint chip almost invisible at normal viewing distance.  Just bring your vehicle by our location for for a price quote. 


If your paint is showing the signs of age and wear and tear beyond what can be improved by hand applying waxes and sealants, a more involved paint correction process may be required. At ProSmart, our dedicated paint correction techs have years of experience in all aspects from wet sanding to extensive multi-step polishing to restore the deep, ultra-glossy look of the paint that your vehicle showed when it was new. Maybe even better! …Stop by the shop for a quote today!



Over time your headlight lenses may become dull from the effects of the ultra-violet rays from the sun, the environment, road conditions and wear from brush scratches from car washing and snow removal. These effects cause a safety issue by making your headlights less effective for night driving due to reduced brightness. Why not have ProSmart restore your headlights back to near-factory clarity while your vehicle is in for any of our other services for just $49.00.    

Paint Polishing 

If the appearance of your paint is significantly degraded as in this example, let ProSmart bring back the deep, rich color and shine as it had when new. Move the slider on the picture from right to left to see the dramatic improvement in the condition of the paint on this black car. This result was achieved only from using multi-step cut polishing. No coatings, waxes or sealants were applied to the paint to enhance the color and shine.

Once your paint is restored back to it’s original color and shine, protect it by having ProSmart apply a paint sealant, Xpel ceramic coat or by installing Xpel paint protection film to ensure that the beauty and shine lasts. 


Choose from our selection of detailing packages and optional add-ons to customize your detailing experience to fit your individual needs.


Find out more about all of our service options available to protect the beauty of your freshly detailed and restored vehicle.

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