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Our Facilities

We at ProSmart are very excited about our purpose built state-of-the-art facility! We are proud of our 11,000 square foot building that is custom designed from the ground up to ensure that each of our 4 individual bays allow each service we offer to be performed in the best possible environment, utilizing every advantage to deliver work of the highest quality. No aspect of building design went unconsidered, focusing especially on energy efficiency in all areas from the insulated floors and pre-cast concrete walls to all LED lighting through out.    

Paint Protection Film Bay

Because the installation of paint protection film requires an extremely clean environment with excellent lighting to ensure a pure and accurate installation, our PPF bay is designed with a dedicated ventilation system that brings in filtered air and double the required amount of LED lighting to provide a clean, bright space to ensure that the quality of our PPF installations is the best it can be. Our PPF bay is outfitted with only the best computer-controlled plotting equipment to cut film patterns as designed for the most accurate fitment during installation. 

Detail Bay

At 5000 square feet, our detail bay is big enough to detail up to 10 vehicles at a time. This bay is designed with extensive planning from the floor drain system including a proper oil separator to ensure good environmental stewardship, surrounded by a hydronically heated concrete floor slab all the way up to the abundant LED lighting to ensure plenty of efficient light to work by.

Coupled with our humidistatically controlled ventilation system, the heated floor ensures that all areas of the vehicles inside and out are completely dried before delivery -no matter the season or what the weather is doing outside, so there are no worries of delivering a wet vehicle in the middle of winter.

Each of our detail tech stations is outfitted with a custom designed work bench to contain all of the tools and products necessary to deliver a top quality job complete with individual air and power outlets. Our detail bay also features 6 commercial grade pressure washers, allowing us to prep multiple vehicles at once to keep the work flow moving at a productive pace.

Pro-Pack Bay

Our protection package bay is designed to accommodate up to 4 vehicles at a time, complete with a lift to install undercoating. Because all of the bays are completely separated and sealed from one anther, there is no cross-contamination of products to affect the quality of installation from one service bay to the other. Also, all of our service bays have specifically designed ventilation systems installed to ensure that the air in the work space is always clean.

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