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Kelowna’s only one-stop-shop to ensure that your vehicle retains it’s value with cleaning, restoration and protection all at one convenient location to save you time and money.

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Let us guide you through the simple process of improving the appearance of your vehicle, then protecting it to keep it looking brand new!


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The first step to giving your vehicle a “like new” look is to have it professionally detailed by our in-house trained techs inside and out to ensure that every corner is thoroughly cleaned. Click on the “learn more” button below to learn how our detail packages can be customized to fit your individual needs. 



Once your vehicle is professionally detailed, our dedicated paint correction techs will be able to repair stone chips and machine polish the paint using a multi-step process to bring back a brilliant, deep shine. We can also restore your headlights to remove the dullness so that the lenses are back to clear and bright. Click on the “learn more” button below for more information about headlight restoration and paint correction. 


After completing the first two steps to bring your vehicle back to like new condition, it’s important to protect it to ensure that it stays that way. Click on the “learn more” button below to choose what individual or combination of protection options best fit your needs including fabric/carpet protection and leather/vinyl conditioning for the interior and paint sealant, Xpel ceramic coating, Xpel paint protection film or undercoating.    

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