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Whether you just drove your new vehicle off the lot,  your older vehicle looks great from years of proper care, or has just been detailed and restored by ProSmart, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment inside and out to preserve that “like-new” condition for years to come.  At ProSmart, we offer a wide range of protection options for you to choose from.

Protection FOR your vehicle inside and Out

ProSmart Auto Care - Interior Protection

Interior Protection

Protect all surfaces of the inside of your vehicle including the fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl from spills and stains. At ProSmart we only use the best products proven to protect your interior. Contact us for interior protection package or individual surface application options pricing and to book a morning or afternoon appointment.

ProSmart Auto Care - Interior Protection

Paint Sealant

The paint on your vehicle must always be protected from the harmful effects of the environment including bird droppings and UV rays from the sun. As a minimum measure, a good car wax can be applied monthly. If you want more time between applications, but want to spend less than the cost of a more permanent solution, paint sealant is recommended for a longer protection period up to six months between applications. Contact us today for pricing and to book a morning or afternoon appointment.

Xpel Ceramic coating

If you are looking for a much more permanent solution to protect the exterior surfaces of your vehicle than paint sealant, look no further. XPel Ceramic coating is a hand applied ceramic coating that forms a permanent bond with the surface that does not break down or wash off and can only be removed with abrasion. Xpel ceramic coating is applied in a single application for extended protection in less time. The benefits of Xpel ceramic coating are unmatched, offering increased paint hardness up to 9H on the hardness scale which goes up to 9H for increased scratch resistance. Xpel Ceramic coating has a super hydrophobic effect for extreme repelling of water and dirt, enabling much easier cleaning and has extreme environmental resistance with a super high gloss for a beautiful shine. Contact us for pricing options based on vehicle size and prep time needed. Please plan for your vehicle to be with us for at least 24 hours to ensure a good initial cure. 

Xpel Paint Protection film

As a protection option for much more than the sun and environment, Xpel paint protection film (PPF) saves your paint from most damages caused by the impacts of small stones and other road debris as well as being hydrophobic to repel water from weather and washing. Typically, Xpel paint protection film is installed on the forward facing surfaces such as side mirrors, hood, front fenders, bumper and lights as these areas are generally the most commonly impacted. However, any painted panel of your vehicle can have Xpel PPF installed. At ProSmart, we use only XPel PPF which is the best film on the market with the best “self healing” properties that allow the film to actually remove fine scratches on it’s own with some heating provided by the sun, warm water or a hair dryer. XPel PPF also offers the best warranty in the industry, so you get the very best product installed for the same price range as other less quality brands used by other installers. Contact us today for more information about XPel PPF and to discuss package pricing options. Please plan for a minimum of 24 hours application time to allow for adequate installation and initial cure time.

ProSmart Auto Care - Undercoating


What about the underside of your vehicle? Undercoating is a time tested process used in the automotive industry for decades to protect the underside body panels and frame components from rust and road noise. Applied by a spray-on process, the undercoat is able make it into all of the hard to reach areas for complete protection. Contact us for pricing and to book a morning or afternoon appointment as the undercoating process needs a minimum of 4 hours initial cure time before delivery.


Choose from our selection of detailing packages and optional add-ons to customize your detailing experience to fit your individual needs.


Find out how ProSmart can further enhance the exterior look of your vehicle with paint correction and headlight restoration.

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